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    A new way to look at technical analysis and will help you use the proven principles of modern physics to forecast financial markets. This is indeed a smart, and advanced Trading Strategies.

    Information about using astronomical cycles to trade stocks. Quantum Trading presents a practical approach to forecasting and trading today's financial markets using the principles of legendary technician W.D. Gann and modern physics.

[blockquote align="center" width="100%"]“As I mentioned, I’ve been trading the Barydyne signals for the past few weeks and have experienced an astounding winning percentage. If I wasn’t trading this myself with real money, I’d say it’s too good to be true. I started actively trading about 15 years ago, have purchased nearly every trading software imaginable and spent many thousands of dollars on trading courses. For all this investment of time and money, I’ve been able to become a moderately profitable trader, but so far, not profitable enough to trade full-time. Therefore, I’m excited to be participating in this project and to learn more about the methodology.”…Brad K.[/blockquote]

Introducing “Timing Planets™”…

Together… The Timing Planets… Mercury, Venus, and Mars… Move Our Global Marketplaces.

Timing Planets website data is a result of over 40 years of research.  Graphic price precast projections are generated through a proprietary data mining software application analyzing of millions of data points for each market. Learn The Secrets Of Planetary Cycles Trading!

Press Release: Timing Planets“Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio?” Foundation for the Study of Cycles Announces TimingPlanets.com ™ – The Foundation for the Study of Cycles officially launched its flagship predictive analytics website, TimingPlanets.com on January 10th, 2014 to coincide with its 73rd year in business as a business and financial research organization. On Feb 20th, 2012, Forbes Magazine.


Cycles Trading


The Mercury Beat Cycle… Mercury times the very short-term swings in the trading market. Most markets tend to move in 3- to 4-day swings, the “beat” of that market. The Mercury cycle can be used for entry and stop placement.

Cycles Trading


The Venus Timing Cycle… Venus indicates which of the beats is most important. The Venus astro cycles trading predictions can be used for entering and exiting positions.

Cycles Trading


The Mars Swing Cycle… Mars dictates direction and short-term objectives. The Mars cycle is normally the best trading cycle to use overall for short-term astro trading.

Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

Original Cycles Quantitative Technical Analysis from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

Astro Cycle Trading Strategies

Timing Planets is the leader in Astro Cycles Trading Predictions, offering information about using astronomical cycles to trade stocks effectively, allowing the smart trader to forecast Trade Entries and Exits. We are dedicated to teach and to spread the knowledge we have on cycle trading and their potential use for stock market forecasting. We provide you with the most accurate projections you need to execute your trades ideas for a profitable business.

Forecasting and Cycle Trading Strategies for the everyday trader

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