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Tomorrow’s News Today – Podcast –1. 24th 2014

Tomorrow’s News Today…™ – Jan. 24th 2014

Hello – My name is Milton Kobus, Director of Business Development for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles with Tomorrow’s News Today! Today is January 24th 2014 and I am recording this podcast for the Global Watch Network. This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

I will deliver directly to you, twice a week, highlights of our precasted price line within our 7 different asset classes. These podcast will be posted sometime every Tuesday and Friday of each week.


This is podcast 3 live from our Barydyne Traders Meeting of January 23rd, within Commodities, our best performing precast is wheat. Wheat has followed similar patterns these past several weeks with a position slightly below our projection, but on target to reach our projected high on February 12th, producing around a $25 gain. Our best performing precast for Indexes, is the Dollar Index. The actual is below our precast; we are expecting a projected high on February 17, at about a $4 gain. Our Fixed Income T-Bonds is tracing directly on precast, and lining up to show a decline of about $3 on January 30th. Our Energy segment has crude oil following our precast with an higher inverted signal with a predicted growth value of over $5 a barrel on March 10 th. Our best performing precast for the Forex is the Eur/JPY. The actual value is above our precast and we predict a $10 price slide until February 2nd. Regarding Metals, take a look at the gold precast. The actual is running an almost amazing trace of our precast and it is expected to hit a near high on January 27th with a small gain. Regarding Stocks, our precast graph is slightly below the actual price for Sears Holding and we expect a near projected low on January 27th.

Stay tune for Tuesday, January 28th for our next podcast.

You can reach me directly at m.kobus@cycles.cc

Best Trades!

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