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Silver London Fix (SI-099)

Silver London Fix

The price of silver is set in London once a day by telephone, at 12:00, by the three LBMA Market Makers who comprise the London Silver Market Fixing Limited (LGMFL): Scotiabank, Deutsche Bank AG and HSBC Bank USA NA.

The procedure is broadly the same as that for the gold fixing, with the price set or fixed once the buying and selling orders have been matched.

Prices for silver are also published immediately by the various news agencies and on our website. Select the accompanying Chart and Table tabs to access both current and historical silver prices. For more information on the Silver prices, including viewing the time stamps for the daily prices, visit the London Silver Fixing Company website.

The first Silver Fixing took place in 1897 at the office of Sharps & Wilkins.

For over 110 years we have been fixing the price of silver providing market users with the opportunity to buy and sell silver at a single quoted price. It also provides a published benchmark price that is widely used as a pricing medium by producers, consumers and investors.

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