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    Astro Cycles Trading

    A new way to look at technical analysis and will help you use the proven principles of modern physics to forecast financial markets. This is indeed a smart, and advanced Trading Strategies.

    Information about using astronomical cycles to trade stocks. Quantum Trading presents a practical approach to forecasting and trading today's financial markets using the principles of legendary technician W.D. Gann and modern physics.

T-Bonds – TLT

TLT is an ETF that acts as a proxy for the Barclays U.S. 20+ Year Treasury Bond Index. Based on proprietary quant algorithms correlating literally millions of points of reference for the “Timing Planets” – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and their relationship with each other in the current period as they collectively spin out a red “trace” predicted rate of change of price line whose moving average line has represented by the red actually predicts and “pre-casts” the price line of any asset under investigation. The black line below represents the actual price. The planetary signal is not an exact path but can be used for major entry & exit points for the asset class.