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Press Release: Announces Timing Planets

Foundation for the Study of Cycles Announces TradingPlanets.com ™ – The Foundation for the Study of Cycles officially launched its flagship predictive analytics website, timingplanets.com on January 10th, 2014 to coincide with its 73rd year in business as a business and financial research organization.

On Feb 20th, 2012, Forbes Magazine online published an article: “Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio?”


To the members of the Barydyne Global Traders Group, sponsored by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc., a “think-tank” research organization founded in 1941 in the State of Connecticut by Edward R. Dewey, former Chief Economic Analyst to President Hoover, the answer is now an admittedly unbelievable, but resounding “Yes!”

The present Head of Research and CEO of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, David Perales, started investigating the possibility of correlations between planetary positioning and changes in stock prices in 1970. His now forty-some year long quest led him eventually to the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in December of 1991, then located in Irvine, California.

Over the decades, The Foundation for the Study of Cycles has attracted the attention and the funding of some of the world’s top thinkers, movers, and shakers. W. Clement Stone, of “Think and Grow Rich” fame was the Chairman of the Foundation in the 1960’s, and personally funded the book “Cycles –The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events”, co-authored by the Foundation President Edward R. Dewey and Og Mandino, author of “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, “The Greatest Secret in the World”, and “Success Unlimited” magazine.

In the 70’s the Head Analyst for Fidelity Funds, Bill Doane, sat on the Foundation Board as Chairman. In the 80’s Peter Borish, then just beginning his now famous career with Paul Tudor Jones, established daily fax communication from the Foundation with Paul’s office advising him personally of the current cyclic market environment. In the 90’s Martin Armstrong became the Chairman of the Foundation, prior to his arrest in 1999. The Foundation library and files, from Martin’s Princeton offices, original Foundation documents reaching back to the 1930’s, were saved from destruction in the World Trade Center by being relocated to an area above a print shop across the river by the Market Technician’s Association, the custodians chosen after Martin’s arrest.

However, before Edward R. Dewey passed in 1978, he had become convinced that the cycles he had discovered during his lifetime were somehow imposed upon the earth and our human society from “somewhere out there” as he put it, in a now famous interview in 1964 in the Saturday Evening Post. He came to his conclusion by his discovery of what he called “cycle synchronies”, or the tendency of phenomena to clump around similar time periods, rather than being more or less randomly distributed, as might be suspected. Dewey even went so far as to initiate a study at the Foundation, which he never completed, to observe anomalies in cyclic patterns and anomalies in planetary orbital sectors over time, to see if he could find a fit. He had come to his inevitable conclusion, after 40 years of study of cycles, or “non-chance rhythms” that.. “If the fractions of the orbital periods of any of the planets have anything to do with the terrestrial cycles we ordinarily study, …all cycle periods that are not determined from data that are not exact orbital periods of the proper planet will be in error.” – ERD April 30, 1976 MS.

This is where Dewey’s work ended, and where David’s investigations had begun in 1970. Dewey and Perales never met. But now, let’s see where David’s work is today.

The Barydyne Traders Group meets online twice a week in a live laboratory setting. This breakthrough global group is reinventing trading. The Barydyne price prediction model will change the trading world and how we perceive the world itself. The Group is given a look into the future with David’s precasted price line prediction models, based on proprietary quant algorithms correlating literally millions of points of reference for the “Timing Planets” – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and their relationship with each other in the current period as they collectively spin out a red “trace” predicted rate of change of price line whose moving average line actually predicts and “pre-casts” the price line of any asset under investigation.

Early trade results based exclusively on entry and exit points chosen live in session by the group’s leaders have shown returns of annual percentages in excess of 65% – in a current market environment paying the average hedge fund a paltry 7.4%, according to a recent Bloomberg article.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-08/hedge-funds-trail-stocks-for-fifth-year- with-7-4-return.html

David’s work at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles is not to develop a methodology for traders…but to develop a “physics of finance” – to accurately predict the price of any asset – using only planetary positioning as a guide. How much money the price line makes is entirely dependent, in theory, upon the trader’s ability to look at advance price forecast and decide when to enter and when to exit the market. One trader in the Barydyne Group trades entirely without stops, instead now trusting the precasted price line exclusively, and has achieved returns of $65,000 on his initial seed portfolio of $100,000 since June of 2013. The Foundation for the Study of Cycles has launched timingplanets.com to display David’s discovery to the world. Visit now for a free three month trial membership.

Is this really a new physics in the making? Sounds too good to be true? Stock and commodity prices are controlled by and based on…planets? Maybe it is too good to be true…or maybe it isn’t. Maybe natural law controls much more of our universe than we suspect. David has documented his discovery (and if he has what he says he has – it is indeed a discovery) with a series of videos culled from the group’s twice weekly live sessions documenting the unfolding of the “Z-signal” – pre-shadowing and dictating the future course of the price of the assets.

See an online recorded time-stamped demonstration of this new technology here:


The implications of David’s discovery are indeed astonishing…but the applications are…well…just astronomical.

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  • Sector: Computer and Electronics
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Based on proprietary quant algorithms correlating literally millions of points of reference for the “Timing Planets” – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and their relationship with each other in the current period as they collectively spin out a red “trace” predicted rate of change of price line whose moving average line has represented by the red actually predicts and “pre-casts” the price line of any asset under investigation. Learn The Secrets Of Planetary Cycles Trading!

Press Release: Announces Timing Planets

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