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    Information about using astronomical cycles to trade stocks. Quantum Trading presents a practical approach to forecasting and trading today's financial markets using the principles of legendary technician W.D. Gann and modern physics.

Oil futures 25th, 2014

The precast Barydyne Signal called for a significant decline in crude oil between the 25th and the 27th of November . So far the decline by my records has gone from $76.25 on the 25th to a low of $68.02 so far today. Just today alone the price drop in the Jan 15 crude oil futures contract is at this time $5.63 per barrel. Can’t ask for better tracking of the precast Signal than what has played out so far. Visit: http://barydyne.com/

In Foundation for the Study of Cycles founder Edward R. Dewey’s own words – “If the fractions of the orbital periods of any of the planets have anything to do with the terrestrial cycles we ordinarily study, …all cycle periods that are not determined from data that are not exact orbital periods of the proper planet will be in error.” – ERD – April 30, 1976 – Manuscript – Cycles Magazine.

The Barydyne Group was established on September 27th, 2012 to utilize trading signal generated by proprietary quantitative analysis software using astronomical data-based entry and exit trade triggers.

Our multinational group of active traders meets in online Webex live sessions twice weekly to define and execute trades and to actively assist in the construction of our internal proprietary trading platform, currently under development.

Barydyne Traders Group Membership is open to professional traders willing to help test our signals, and share the profits.

Oil futures

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