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Soybeans / Corn / July 3rd 2014

GRAINS: December corn futures closed down 2 3/4 cents at $4.15 1/4 Thursday. Prices closed nearer the low and hit another contract low today. Today’s close at the weekly low close at this critical timeframe in early July is a bearish omen for the entire month. The corn bears have the strong overall near-term technical advantage. However, the market is still short-term oversold and at least a corrective bounce is due very soon.

November soybeans closed down 8 cents at $11.33 1/2 a bushel Thursday. Prices closed near the session low and closed at a 4.5-month low close and bearish weekly low close today. Today’s close at the weekly low close at this critical timeframe in early July is a bearish omen for the entire month. While the bears have the solid overall near- term technical advantage, the market is still oversold and due for a corrective bounce very soon.

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Soybeans / Corn / July 3rd 2014

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