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SP-500 projection and trade history

Hello and welcome to TradingPlanets.com. This week’s video will cover the S&P 500 Index . Within this video we will go over our planetary precast  signal in red  and the 5 day moving average future price in black. We will be showing you when we bought and when we sold and our overall trade schedule for the year ahead.

By using TradingPlanets.com we can precast the price movement years in advance.

The planetary signals are precast into the future and are also backed up by historic signals. Using these signals, we can precast trades before the year begins. As an example using S&P500 precast we can schedule buy and sell recommendations.   We will document this in the next slide.

Using the precast signal we can see the future high and low points, which are in red on the graph as well as the dates.

In the beginning of August we looked at the S&P500  precast and decided to remain in cash until the first bottom in November and split the position entry points with another bottom in December. We decided based upon the precast to sell ½ the position at the red signal spike high in February and the other half in March based upon the black precast high.

On this slide, we have a  half position long trade started on 11/8/2012 and the other half 12/5/2012. We will sell ½ the position 2/13/2013  and the sell the other ½ 3/25/13.

The next slide will show you the actual price of S&P 500 in blue from 8/20/12 until 10/22/12.

This slide shows the S&P 500 from 8/20/2012-12/21/2012. We missed the 8/20/2012-11/8/2012 performance of = -2.87%.

This slide shows the S&P 500 price from 8/20/2012-2/8/2013.

This slide shows S&P 500 price from 8/20/2012-4/15/2013.

The combined trades of 8/20/2012 & 12/5/2012 until 2/13/2013 performance of the  S&P 500 was =+9.11%, the second trade performance was =+11.36% which we exited 3/25/2013.

The overall performance for S&P 500 from the time of 8/20/2012 until 3/25/2013 was =+10.24%

We made no trade from 3/25/2013 until 4/15/2013 and avoided the S&P 500 performance of= -0.29%

We made 10.24% trading S&P500  while buying and holding the S&P 500 performance was =+9.46%  from 8/20/2012-4/15/2013.

That will be all for this week’s video. Please keep yourself updated and watch the videos over the next few weeks…….

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